Teams Fundraising for Global Finals in Knoxville, TN.

At the local level, we are entirely run by volunteers. Teams going to Global Finals at the end of May will be fundraising across the County. Please support them whenever you can. How to donate is described at the page bottom.

Thank-you for your support of our future leaders!

2013-14 Teams Going to Global Finals

5 teams from the Central Coast qualified to go to Globals May 2014:

Arroyo Grande High School:

Team: The Get Down Goblins

Team Members; Griffin Berlin, Chase Schaclin, Carolyn Harmon

To Donate directly to our Team:

To make a donation directly to our team, The Get Down Goblins, please contact Team Manager Michelle Berlin at 805.801.1866 or

Nipomo High School

Team: The Blonde and the Wanna Pitcher

Team Members; Megan Minor and Emily Barry

Team; A Gorilla's Contemplation

Team Members; Kelly Barrett and Molly MacKenzie

Five Cities DI / Saint Patrick's

Team; The Bananas

Team Members; Sarah Beaudin, Claire Devaney, Lorena Carroll, Felisa Racinez

Team: The Ninjas

Team Members: Kiana Ayala, Shea Zenker, Claire Benson, Kimberley Beaudin, Olivia Goodwin

To Donate directly to either The Ninja's or The Bananas:

please contact Team Manager Kim Goodwin at 805.310.3065.


All Contributions to our Program are Greatly Appreciated! Thank-you

A. Non Tax Deductible Contributions:

1. A donation can always be made directly to a specific team. Please make check out to the team manager.

2. A donation to our Central Coast DI program:

We pay to provide: photocopy materials for Parent Information Nights, New Team [[#|Manager Training]], Challenge Specific Training, Instant Challenge Fun Day, and Regional Tournament Programs, lunches for our [[#|appraisers]], Challenge Masters, Score Room personnel.

By far our largest expense is sending our winning Teams to Globals Finals competition in Knoxville, TN.

B. Tax Deductible Contributions:

Our CA DI IRS Tax ID # : 33-0860160

Please make check payable to: California Creativity Association, region 14

All contributions over $250 will receive a letter of acknowledgment from the Regional Director.
Donations that are to be write-offs on a [[#|tax return]] must be submitted to our DI California state [[#|program]] Treasurer, Shirley Gold as of Sept. 2014. The CA DI Treasurer must record these donations so that we don't violate any IRS non-profit laws. Any check submitted to the treasurer will incur a handling charge of 5% of the value of the check; called "Pass Through". As an example, a check for $100 will be returned to the team / our program minus $5.

Donations should be mailed to:

Central Coast DI

Eddie Aurand

920 Calle De Topo

Nipomo, CA 93444

Thanks for helping us teach kids how to think!

Fund Raising / Donations FAQ's for Team Managers:


We branched away from our school this year because of travel restrictions and created a DI club for anyone in the community to join. We would like to open a bank account (like we have for girl scouts) but need a federal tax id, organization and board minutes and other paperwork verifying we belong to a non-profit. We are going to run all 501c3 donations thru the California State DI Program this year, it's just the cash we would like to find a home for (rather than my shoe box!).

This account would be for cash donations and small checks, such as our Tri-Tip sandwich fundraiser. Instead of having people write checks for their sandwiches to us, it will go into our "Central Coast DI" bank account. Can we use the CA DI tax ID #?


We cannot have regional accounts dealing with team funds. This would add on a whole new level of complexity including liability issues.

I just talked with the local Girl Scout Council and they require that each troop send a yearly financial position report with backup bank statements for the beginning and ending balances. They do not track donations but realize that they are going to have to change these procedures in the near future.

If we would allow teams to have bank accounts tied to our 501c3, we would have to audit those accounts annually. The Girls Scouts have a full time bookkeeping department complete with a full time CFO and a Controller along with staff accounts to keep track of all their accounts. Unfortunately we do not have those resources.

The answer to you question is that we cannot allow you to use our 501c3 for opening any financial accounts.