2013-14 Regional Tournament Schedule:

I will have 50 copies of the Tournament Program at the Regional Tournament, Saturday, February 22, 2014. Some Team Managers and parents may wish to download the schedule and the map early. Click on the links to view and download.

I can't get the Browser PDF Software to show the Program pages side by side like a book. Maybe you can get your printer to print as 4 pages total, printed front and back.

Click here to download the 2013-14 Regional Tournament Program

Try printing this Word Document--I only printed on 1 side but it came out as a booklet:

Closing Ceremony 3:00pm in the AGHS MPR (Multi-Purpose Room) this year / kids in the front and adults in the back.

The Challenges have been moved all over the place so take note!!

Click here to view and download a map of Arroyo Grande High School