Registering as an Independent Appraiser:

You must register on the newly modified, the website for the State of California DI program:
  1. Click on this link to the CA State Destination ImagiNation website: Please accept online each year the Volunteer Code of Conduct".
  2. Once on the site, you should see a row of tabs across the page that read from left to right: “Discover”, “Register”, Scholarships”, etc.. Go to the 2nd tab from the left. Hold your mouse on the “Register” tab, then move your mouse down and select “Register Your Team”.
  3. The next web page should have a place to input a username and a password. Many websites require you make a new account by selecting a username and password; in the future you always use these 2 to access the site. Write, and your username and password on a piece of paper and tape near your computer. You will need these again.

4. To make a new account, click on “Create Account”. Enter your name, address, etc. Once you save you are nearly registered, except for the last step, which is verification by responding to an email from (see next topic). You must be registered with to appraise at the State Tournament; Saturday, March 31st, in Clovis.

5. The Independent appraiser or Volunteer is asked in the email if they are independent or associated with a team. If they are associated with a team, they are asked to supply the number which is included in the message they received from the system. The number indicates a Team Manager or Coordinator has added them as an appraiser.

This is a new procedure. In the past, appraisers associated with a team were registered by team managers, but actually didn't know they were appraising for the team, and they didn't show up at the tournament. So now the appraiser has to verify that he /she is indeed appraising. But I don't know if this pertains to independent appraisers as well.

New Appraisers, check this out!!!!!!!!

3. Optional This year, DI National (New Jersey) has offered training information to team managers, appraisers, etc.. The appraiser module may be especially helpful to the first time appraiser. Go to Once there, look to your right under "Quick Links". Click on the 4th entry from the top, "DI University". The first thing you are asked to do is verify that you have read and agreed to the "Volunteer Code of Conduct".