Click here to view the Excel Spreadsheet that shows the Lucia Mar School District teams that I am aware have formed.

Remember, because the Lucia Mar School District pays the DI National and the California Creativity fee for all their teams, I must know that you have a team so I can pay for you, and assign you 2 numbers! When I buy the Lucia Mar 30-PAK, DI HQ assigns each team an Order Number and a Team Number, and I email the numbers to you. You have to know these numbers in order to register your team for the Regional Tournament at

If you don't see your team listed on the spreadsheet, then email me and tell me about your team. eddieaurand@charter.netI need name(s) of Team Manager(s), their email and phone number, the school's name.

You can't read over this year's Main/Team Challenges until you join the Team Managers' site. Practice Instant Challenges in the meantime!

When you make a new account (new & returning TMs must make a new account) add a brief description of who you are so I know who I am dealing with, Thanks!