FEES to Participate in Central Coast Destination Imagination

Destination Imagination National fees, Regional Tournament at Arroyo Grande High School(AGHS) and Instant Challenge Fun Day fees

Question: Who should I make our team's check payable to and where do I send the check? Please scroll to page bottom, see section called: "DI Fees as of Sept 2015"


If the kids on your team DO NOT attend a school in the Lucia Mar School District; click here!! If the kids on your team go to a Lucia Mar school, keep reading!! Thanks

1. If the kids are on your team attend a school in the Lucia Mar School District; read here!!

The Lucia Mar District pays the National DI fee for each Lucia Mar DI team (Thank-you so much!!). (Some principals will pay your team's Regional Fee; it doesn't hurt to ask).

Lucia Mar pays 1 check for all the memberships; then DI HQ sends all the Program materials to me to distribute to you. In previous years, we wouldn't receive the Program Materials until mid November/ possibly mid December. But all the Program Materials are available to Team Managers at our private Team Manager website once i up date the site. New This Season 2014-15: As soon as a Lucia Mar Team Manager tells me the team(s) they have formed, send them a link tot eh Main Challenges, and I will give them access to our second private website- only available to team managers and Challenge Masters. On that site is the entire Program Materials notebook (there are other resources for Team Managers like "How to read an Instant Challenge", and "How to read a Main Challenge"), etc. Most importantly, the 6 Team Challenges are there; you and your kids need to read over the Team Challenges, and decide which Team Challenge (the Project part of Project Based Learning) is for you and your team. Team Managers can view the documents, and can print out specific areas of interest. Team Managers will be receiving a hard copy of the Program Materials from me (the notebook), so I wouldn't waste time, paper and ink printing out this giant pile of information (the notebook is about 2 1/2 inches thick).

  1. All Lucia Mar Teams: Team Managers must call Eddie / email me that they have a team. The Deadline is mid October, because Team Manager Training (mandatory for new Team Managers; optional for returning Team Managers) begins around the third week of October. See more details about training on Important Dates Calendar

  2. Eddie's phone number: 929-5206 and Eddie's email address: eddieaurand@charter.net
  3. Important Dates Calendar
As soon as Eddie is notified by the Lucia Mar Team Manager (TM) that they have a team, then the TM will be emailed a link to the Main Challenges. There is additional information on the PRIVATE TM site. At the right, Click on "Access to PRIVATE Team Manager Wiki (website)" and make a new account (you type in a username and a password of your choosing-write these down where you can find them). TMs from past years can reuse username/password. If you forget, then make a new account. When a team manager asks permission to get on the site, then Eddie grants permission (Yee Ha) and the TM can access the Program Materials. DO NOT PRINT OUT THE ENTIRE PROGRAM MATERIALS, as TMs will be getting a hard copy from Eddie. Lucia Mar pays the National fee for all of our teams in the School District. Lucia Mar teams still pay the Regional Fee and IC Fun Day fee)

Central Coast DI Team Fees as of Sept. 2015:

1.DI National registration fee: Lucia Mar school teams only This fee paid by the Lucia Mar School District, thank-you

All non Lucia Mar teams go to idodi.org and pay this fee (purchase a team membership).

2. All Teams, Regional Tournament fee due by Dec. 20, 2015, Thanks.

(All Schools pay the following fees regardless of School District.)

Regional Tournament ($80) and our Instant Challenge Fun Day ($15) (Martin Luther King Monday holiday, hosted by

Maggie Summers (Thanks!) at Judkins Middle School in Pismo Beach. Most teams participate in Instant Challenge Fun Day:

Please pay $95.

Regional Tournament fee required to participate in the February Tournament:

Held in Arroyo Grande High School

If your team is only attending the Regional Tournament, please pay $80.

Please make check out ONLY to: California Creativity Association, Region 14

Please mail to:

Eddie Aurand

920 Calle De Topo

Nipomo, CA 93444

Attention: Destination Imagination