This Wiki (interactive web site) is public. That means you don't have to make an account to view the contents of the web pages.

Question? Why does the wiki ask me to sign in at the top left (in teeny tiny letters!)? Answer: I don't have any idea. Click on "Dismiss". I don't know how to look at the Wiki software code to delete this line. I don't have this line on my screen at all.

Just click on the page titles at the right to access those web pages.

Question? I am a new Team manager and I'd like to view the Main/Team challenges for this season (2012-13). Answer: There are 2 types of Challenges that your team must perform at the Regional Tournament: Main/Team Challenges and Instant Challenges.

1. Team Challenges: Where are they?

A solution to a Team Challenge is prepared ahead of the Tournament. To access the Team Challenges, you must click on the page at the right called "2. Access to the PRIVATE Team Manager wiki (website)". The Wiki (b/c it is private) will ask you to assign yourself a username and password -- may I suggest your email address for your username, b/c then I'll recognize the name. Or provide a "comment" so I recognize the name. I'll give you permission to join, then you can enter the site with your username and password.

If you try three or four times and just can't figure out how to get on then call me; I almost always answer the phone! I can talk you through the process over the phone, I can come to your house and show you how to log on to the websites! Eddie 929-5206

We are ALL volunteers, and we are doing the best that we can.

The Instant Challenges (IC) are available on the Internet, and I have provided a link to some at the resources page for the Team Managers. Your team won't know what their IC is until the moment they enter the IC room to solve the IC Challenge.

Only 1 Team Manager may accompany the team into the IC room.

These Wikis are free to use if for K thru 12 use. They don't require knowledge of a programming language, but FREE has its limitations. Our DI region does not have the money to hire a professional software programmer.