Question: Now that I have formed a DI team, how do I register them for the Regional Tournament held at the end of February at AGHS ? (3 p.m. Closing Ceremony in Arroyo Grande High MPR)

The first time a Team Manager (TM) tries to register at, they may only input their own TM information if they don't have all the needed data. Time and again they may need to return to add team members, volunteer, and appraiser.

Answer#1 / Lucia Mar teams:

September, 5, 2013: Even though $ has been allotted to Elementary Schools, I have been advised to use same process as last year. No Lucia Mar teams can register until the School District pays our DI National and California Creativity fees. In the past, the fees weren't paid until end of October / November. We have until mid December to register for the Regional Tournament / pay. This is an arbitrary deadline set by me, so don't worry about the deadline. Do pay me for the Regional Tournament though.

The following occurs once the School District pays for our Lucia Mar teams:

1. DI Headquarters sends a set of Program Materials for each team to my house; I email you that the materials are available. I can drop a bunch in A.G for pick-up at somebody's house; I'll have some at my house in Nipomo.

2. At the same time, DI Headquarters sends me 2 identification numbers for each team; a Team # and an Order #. I put the numbers into a Spreadsheet, and then post at Private TM wiki. Now TMs can register their teams using these 2 ID numbers.

3. With these 2 numbers, you will go to and register your team. I will register my team, and then post the procedure on the wiki. It should be very similar to the process last year; but presumably, without the some of the glitches.

Answer #2 / Non Lucia Mar Teams:

Teams not affiliated with Lucia Mar buy a Team Membership at, then DI HQ (Nationals in New Jersey) sends you Program Materials, and the 2 ID numbers the TM needs to register the team at directly to the home address of the coordinator (the person who made the Team Pack purchase).

Coordinators: I don't know the email addresses of your Team managers until you send that information to me, Please do send it! so that your TMs are in the loop!

All Team Managers: Register your team here for our Regional Tournament:

You register your team at the DI California website,

Do not pay via the website; you pay me by mail. For mailing information etc., look right and click on the page called "FEES". Scroll to bottom of page.