Mid August to end of September: DI Parent Information Nights (PINs) held for all parents/ students NEW to the DI Program.

Click here to look at the Schedule of "PINs":

End of September / first week of October: Mandatory New Team Manager training begins mid October! We can continue to form teams until November.

DI Parent Information Nights are wrapping up / are over; DI school contacts and families can use me (Eddie at 929-5206 and eddieaurand@charter.net) and your DI school contacts to form teams (scroll down to locate your school contact (organized by school). If your school doesn't have a DI contact, and you'd like to be a school contact, let me know. We have parents and teachers serve as contacts.
Come to the meeting announced below.

One Last Opportunity to find a team:

Jenn Bowen (she gave the DI Parent Information Night talks at Grover Heights and Ocean View), is holding a forming teams / follow-up meeting at Ocean View Elementary; Thursday, October ?? in room 4, 3 p.m.. Everyone from any school still looking for a team is invited, anyone with questions, etc. Team members can be from any school; there is no restriction in terms of schools, but there are AGE restrictions, see below. The sign-up sheets from all the DI Parent Information Nights will be at the meeting.

Age Restrictions

EL, Elementary Level, Grades Kinder - Grade 5 Age Restriction, No Team member turning 12 by June 15, 2014 (year of Regional Tournament)

ML, Middle Level, Grades 6 - 8 Age Restriction, No Team member turning 15 by June 15, 2014

SL, Secondary Level, grade 9 - 12 Age Restriction, No Team member turning 19 by June 15, 2014

RS, Rising Stars Non - Competition, for kids in Preschool - grade 2

UL, University Level, Full-time, post secondary students enrolled in college, university, trade or technical school or military.

Destination Imagination School contacts listed below:

Arroyo Grande High School

DI School Contact: none

Branch Elementary

DI School Contact: Heidi Graham email: hgraham@lmusd.org

Dana Elementary

DI School Contact: Stephanie Wasil email: stephanotis@sbcglobal.net

D. Lange Elementary

DI School Contact: ? email: ?

Fairgrove Elementary

DI School Contact: Call School Office / 474-3740

Grover Beach Elementary

DI School Contact: Heather Inglehart email: hinglehart@lmused.org

Grover Heights Elementary

DI School Contact: Jenn Bowen email: j.bowen2@icloud.com

Harloe Elementary

DI School Contact: temporarily Anna Stewart email: astewart@lmusd.org

Judkins Middle School

DI School Contact: Mike Liebo email: mliebo@lmusd.org

Mesa Middle School

DI School Contact: GATE Coordinator email: bd'entremont@lmusd.org

Nipomo Elementary

DI School Contact:GATE Coordinator Scott Meenzhuber,email: smeenzhuber@lmusd.org

New Tech High School, Nipomo

DI School Contact: ? email:?

Nipomo High School

DI School Contact: ? email:?

Ocean View Elementary

DI School Contact: Jennifer Bowen email: j.bowen2@icloud.com

Oceano Elementary

DI School Contact: Ron Walton email: rwalton@lmusd.org

Paulding Middle School

DI School Contact: Jim Lahr email: jlahr@lmusd.org

SLO Classical Academy

DI School Contact: ? email: ?

Shell Beach Elementary

DI School Contact: Sue Baca email: sbaca@lmusd.org

Trivium Charter School; schools in Santa Maria, Lompoc and Arroyo Grande

DI School Contact: ? email: ?