October Private Team Manager's Access, scroll down

New Team Managers

When new Team Managers (TMs) (whose kids attend a Lucia Mar school) tell me they have a team, your next step is to set up an account on our second website. This second website is private and contains all the Main/Team Challenges. Of course, team managers from other school districts are welcome as well; just make a new account. When you scroll down the page, you will see instructions for making an account for that private website. If you have any trouble making an account, then email me. I'll help you. At new Team Manager Training, I can show anyone having problems accessing the private Team Manager website how to make an account. I will come to your house if need be, and we'll look at it together. The Main Challenges will always be found at the private site. Eventually, all TMs must log on to the private wiki, because they should read over all the hints there like "How to Read a Team Challenge", "How to Read an Instant Challenge".

I don't like to use emails for instructions, for Challenges, etc. The Challenge files are large, and sometimes bounce or get rejected. When I receive attachments via email, I forget (my fault) to save attachments to my hard drive. Eventually I forget that I got instructions in the first place; I am not tech savvy enough to register my team at Ca State website, caldi.org, without instructions. With the Wikis, the information is always here, it is easier to find, to update.

Returning Team Managers

All returning Team Managers should be good to go with your email and password from last year. Call me, email me if you can't get on.

Step By Step, How to access the PRIVATE Wiki:

You may want to cut and paste these instructions into a Word document before you proceed.

1. After you click on the link below, you should see a dialog box that says in the top left, Sign in. But you don't have an account yet, so look down and click on "Create a new WikiSpaces account",

2. You type a username and password of your choice, and an email address into the appropriate boxes. I'm not going to "do" anything with the email address. If you don't give me an email address, then the program won't automatically email you with the information that I have given you permission to join. I'm not going to look up your email address to tell you. To the questions, "Make a Wiki?", click on "NO". Now click "Join". The next screen tells you to request permission from me (the Moderator) to join. Here you can write a comment like "Erin from Shell Beach", then click "Request Membership". Now the Wiki automatically sends me an email; "So and so email address/ comment requests permission to join. I click ok and you should be in.

Click here to enter the PRIVATE Wiki containing the 5 (No Structural Challenge) Main/Team Challenges for this Season of DI.

This site is for Team Managers and Challenge Masters to view and share resources, etc. Remember the username (may I suggest your email address) and password you select, keep them with your other Shop DI and caldi.org usernames and passwords.

What is caldi.org? Caldi.org is the DI State Program's website. Once Lucia Mar pays for the 30-pak (I think they paid Nov 1st last year), then I will email you your Team Number and Order number. You use these 2 numbers, and your email address to register your team at the State DI website, caldi.org. (if you are a school employee try to use an email from home rather than an email address through your school ). You register at caldi.org for the Regional Tournament (RT) The fee to participate in the Regional Tournament is $70 (not paid by Lucia Mar). If your team places first or second in their Challenges at the RT(combined scores of Main Challenge and Instant Challenge) and you qualify for the State program, then you return to caldi.org to register your team for the State Tournament, etc.

When you ask me for permission to join the Wiki, give me a brief description (like Mary from Shell Beach)

so I know who you are! Once I give you permission, you can see/print out the Team/Main Challenges. The rest of

the Program Materials are available there too. Just don't print it all out; you get the entire notebook (hard copy) once

Lucia Mar pays for our 30-pak (which may not occur until November). Before you ask me for permission, check that your team is on my Excel Spreadsheet, please! I update this sheet as soon as a Team Manager tells me about their team. If your team isn't listed, then it got "lost in translation", so please email me again.

Why is there a delay in receiving access to the Main/Team Challenges? There is only a delay for Lucia Mar teams.
While it is really great that Lucia Mar helps out their teams by paying some fees, I have to keep a record of all teams that form and Lucia Mar Team Managers have to wait to receive the hard copy of their Program Materials (DI HQ says I can give out the Team Challenges to only those teams that have paid-copyright laws, I assume). Independent (non Lucia Mar) teams pay online and immediately get their Program Materials with Team Challenges, mailed to their door. I can't buy memberships until I know we have close to 30 teams, b/c the School District gets a big break in price. So that's why it is more difficult for Lucia Mar to see the Team Challenges, etc. Some years we have not seen the challenges until mid November. If you come up with a better way to do this, then let me know!

If you try a couple times and you can't figure out how to make a new account and access the private TM site, then call me. I can talk you through it, I'll stop by your house and show you or I can email you the challenges. Every year we try to reduce the confusion, and you are learning a whole new vocabulary like : Affiliate, appraisers, Team challenges, etc.